Free Puppy Class at Fido's Retreat Sunday 11/15 at 1PM

Free Puppy Class at Fido's Retreat

Barely Legal Puppy Playtime with TRAINER Q&A
Sunday, November 15, 2015
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Fido's Retreat
230 livingston street , Brooklyn
"BARELY LEGAL" playtime for young puppies under 18 weeks, who are not QUITE "street legal" yet, but need a place to meet other puppies and practice social skills. 

Looking for a safe place to let your dog start some socializing? 
Our safe, clean, secure indoor space gives your pup an early start on good dog-dog play and manners.

Moderated Play presented by
EMPIRE of the DOG trainers. 

Feel free to come by in advance to check out the space, or drop in at 1pm with your puppy! 

Please bring proof of whatever up to date vaccinations your dog has had. 
We do reserve the right to refuse entry to dogs who appear unwell, or behaviorally inappropriate.This meetup is primarily for dogs who are not YET "street legal" so that they can safely socialize.