Brooklyn's Largest Cage-Free Daycare

Get your pooch on a schedule. We take care of everything. 

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HUGE indoor playground, an abundance of fun open play space  Lots of room for your pup to get all the exercise they need

Your doggy leaves happy and tired

Play areas for Large and Small dogs

Full Day of Play!!!!!


We provide care that encourages our guests to be a dog. They can run freely with a pack. The interaction with other dogs that is so vital for their well being. 

While your dog is here—It’s safety first. We interview* and assess every dog to make sure there is a non-aggressive atmosphere.

A Tired Dog Is a Happy Dog


We'll need you to fill out some important paperwork before you come in.  No more guilt about leaving your pet bored alone for hours on end. We make sure your pet leaves each day happy, healthy and tired.

*If your dog has never done group daycare or boarded with us before, please schedule a Meet & Greet. 


Conveniently located near the following subway trains: 2/3/4/5/A/C/G/N/R

Hours of Operation:

Weekdays 7am-8pm    Sat & Sun 10am-6pm

Our Daycare Rates & Packages

Daycare Rates

Full Day  $45

Half Day (5 Hours) $31 5 Hours of Play

Daycare Packages (never expires)

Full Day 10-Pack   $420 ($42 a Day)

Full Day 20-Pack  $800 ($40 a Day)

Half Day 10-Pack $280 ($28 a Day)

Half Day 20-Pack $500 ($25 a Day)

Packages are non-refundable.

All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice.

Daycare Additional Services:

Feedings during day   $5 if food brought  $10 if we provide food

Walks $15 per 20mins

                                                                                      Operating Hours:                                                                                                                                                                  Mon. - Fri. from 7:00am-8:00pm
                                                                 Sat. & Sun. from 10:00am-6:00pm

Dogs' needs go beyond just a few quick walks a day. They need  exercise & socialization all around health.

Fun is an integral part of a healthy pooch's life, and it's the heart of Fido's.

April 2019 Holiday Schedule

Thursday 4/18  7am to 8pm Friday 4/19  7am to 8pm  Saturday 4/20  10am to 6pm 

Sunday  4/21   10am to 4pm Monday 4/22 7am to 8pm

Holiday Surcharge:  $10 per day

No Pick-up & Drop-off Service During Holidays

Vaccination Information:

  • We require flea and tick protection in the form of a topical or Pill formulation (Frontline, Advantix, etc) during the warm weather months: March to November.
    Flea collars are not accepted.

  • All dogs must have current vaccinations:

  • Rabies, Distemper&Parvovirus (DHPP), and Bordetella.
    Note that Bordetella has to be within 6 months. Proof of vaccinations required prior to Meet & Greet. Your Vet can email it directly to us at:

  • We accept dogs over 4 mos. of
    age or when puppies have had their Rabies, two rounds of Distemper and Bordetella vaccinations.

 Daycare Late Fee: 

We close at 8:00PM M- F  $15 late fee (6:00PM Sat & Sun)  if after 8pm.          Overnight Charges Apply Past 8:15PM. (6:15PM Sat & Sun)

If you are running late please call well before closing time and we will do our best to accommodate your request. We do not answer phones past closing. 

Refund and Cancellations: 

  • Packages are non-refundable.

  • No refunds. All sales are final.


New Year’s, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents’ Day, Easter, Passover, Memorial Weekend, July 4th Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Week, Christmas Week, New Year’s )